Managing Seek Job Ads

The main SEEK page contains 3 sections that provide an interface to manage Job Ads.

New Job Ads to be posted

The "New Job Ads to be Posted" section will be populated by the SEEK job ads that have been created and haven't yet been posted to SEEK.

You can post the Job Ads to SEEK by clicking the 'Post' button next to the Job Ad.

Important: It's worth mentioning that, once you create a Seek job ad, it becomes separate to the Recruitment position, meaning whenever changes are required, they must be done to both (separately).

Live Job Ads

The "Live Job Ads" section shows a list of Job Ads that are live on SEEK.

There are the following buttons that will appear in the right-hand column next to the Job Ad:

  1. The 'View' button will redirect you to the Job Ad on SEEK.
  2. The 'Edit' button will take you to a page to edit the Job Ad.
  3. The 'Update' button will push any changes made to the Job Ad to SEEK.
  4. The 'Expire' button will expire the Job Ad on SEEK

Expired Job Ads

The "Expired Job Ads" section will show the Job Ads that have expired for active positions.

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