Recruitment - Applicants Subscribed to Updates

The report Applicants Subscribed to Updates in the Recruitment section will show all the accounts who decided to receive updates from your World Manager platform (this includes newsletter, new job offers, etc.)

This article provides instructions on how you can create a report to see all the account information for users who decided to click the option subscribe to updates on your careers page:

1. If desired you can select a date range to narrow down results, if this option is not selected the report will count all the applications made to specific/all positions

2. Select the report option Applicants Subscribed to Updates under the Detailed Stats section


3. Click on the Generate button

4. Once the report has been generated (on the page), you will see multiple reporting types/buttons to view this data in, as shown below:

  • Save - Allows you to save this specific report (click here for more information)

  • Print - Opens a PDF version of the data (in .PDF format)

  • CSV - Opens a CSV version of the data (in .CSV format)

  • Excel - Opens an Excel version of the data (in .XLS format)

Below you can see an example of this report which details the following:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Mobile
  • Address
  • Subscribed
Name Email Phone Number Mobile Address Subscribed
Abel Knight +61 491 570 156 - 44 Market Street Sydney New South Whales 2000 Yes
Blake Roberts +1-202-555-0100 +1-202-555-0100 2112 Post Farm Road Atlanta Georgia No
Suzanne J Sanchez +1-613-555-0176 +1-613-555-0176 2970 Hamilton Street Eyebrow Saskatchewan No

for: adm, mgr;

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