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The Applicant Source report provides information on the different sources applicants may use to apply. This report is located at National level in System → Stats & Reports → Recruitment.

The "Source" an applicant has used to apply is recorded in 2 ways:

  1. If an applicant used an 'External Advertising Link' to apply for a position, their source will be recorded as the name for that link. Click here to learn more about External Advertising Links.
  2. If the applied using 'Apply with Seek' the source will be recorded as 'Seek'.

The Applicant Source report shows the source(s) the applicants used to apply for a position. To generate an Applicant Source Report please follow the steps below:

1.  Choose the desired date range. Leave unticked to generate a report without a date range selected.

2. Tick 'Applicant Source Report'.

4. Select a 'Position you would like to report on. If you would like to report on all positions leave this option as 'All'.

5. Click the Generate button.

6. Once the report has been generated (on the page), you will see multiple reporting types/buttons to view this data in, as shown below

Save - Allows you to save this specific report (click here for more information)

Print - Opens a PDF version of the data (in .PDF format)

CSV - Opens a CSV version of the data (in .CSV format)

Excel - Opens an Excel version of the data (in .XLS format)

Graph - Displays the report in a bar-chart format.

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