Recruitment - Percentage Through to Stage

The report Percentage through to Stage in the Recruitment section will show the percentage of applicants who have passed a specific stage for all the positions that have this stage.

This article provides instructions on how to create a report on the percentage of applicants that have passed a specific stage:

1. If desired you can select a date range to narrow down results, if this option is not selected the report will count all the applications made to specific/all positions.

2. Select a specific position you want to base the report on, or if needed this can be seen for all positions created.

3. After the position is selected you need to pick the stage

Tip: If a position is selected (not All), this field will still show stages that are not in that position. So it is recommended to check the stages the position has before you create this report.

4. Click on the Generate button

4. Once the report has been generated (on the page), you will see multiple reporting types/buttons to view this data in, as shown below:

  • Save - Allows you to save this specific report (click here for more information)

  • Print - Opens a PDF version of the data (in .PDF format)

  • CSV - Opens a CSV version of the data (in .CSV format)

  • Excel - Opens an Excel version of the data (in .XLS format)

  • Graph - Displays the report in a bar-chart format.

Below you can see an example of this report which details the following:

  • Position Name
  • Applicants
Position Name Applicants
Wait Staff 36.3% (4/11)
Store Manager - Hamilton Flagship 33.3% (1/3)
Store Manager - Balarat 16.6% (5/30)
General Manager - Glebelg East 4% (2/49)
Frontline Officer - TX 0% (0/2)

for: adm, mgr;

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