Recruitment - Time to Fill Position

The Time to Fill Position report will show you the amount of time that passed between the position being opened to when it was closed. This report is located at National level in System → Stats & Reports → Recruitment.

Note: The time shown in the report is calculated form when the position to was created to when it was closed. The date a position was made inactive is not used for this report.

This article provides instructions on how to generate the report. See below:

1.  Choose the desired date range. Leave unticked to generate a report without a date range selected.

2. Tick 'Time to fill position'

3. Select a 'Position you would like to report on. If you would like to report on all positions leave this option as 'All'.

4.  Click the Generate button.

5. Once the report has been generated (on the page), you will see multiple reporting types/buttons to view this data in, as shown below.

Save - Allows you to save this specific report (click here for more information)

Print - Opens a PDF version of the data (in .PDF format)

CSV - Opens a CSV version of the data (in .CSV format)

Excel - Opens an Excel version of the data (in .XLS format)

Graph - Displays the report in a bar-chart format.

An example of the results of this report can be found below. On the left-hand side will be the name of the positions and on the right-hand side will be the number of the days the position was open.

for: adm,mgr;

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