How to Create Entities in FranConnect

FranConnect, a leading franchise management solution, offers powerful tools for organizing and controlling business data. One way we do this is the ability to create and modify entities in the FranConnect product, essential for optimizing franchise operations. To learn more about how to create and modify entities in FranConnect, read more below.


  • Creating a New Entity

Creating a New Entity

To create an entity, first log into your FranConnect environment. Click Info Manager on the left-hand sidebar and then select Entity from the drop-down menu.


On the top of the following page, click the CREATE ENTITY button.


Enter the details for the entity you want to create in the form seen below.


Click SAVE & NEXT at the bottom of the page once you have confirmed that the information you have entered is valid. Next, you will be taken to a page that prompts you to add individual owners to the entity. To learn more about this, please check out our How to Document Ownership for a Unit in FranConnect article.


Once you have finished adding all of your owners, click SUBMIT. If you have done everything correctly, you will see your newly created entity in the system.

If you ever need to edit your entity's information, you can do so from the Entity page. Click the ... next to the unit you wish to edit and select Modify from the drop-down menu.



Having read this article, you should now know how to create and modify entities in FranConnect.

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