Using the Export Data Wizard

There are four steps to exporting data from FranConnect – choose the Module (group of data) to select from, choose the search criteria to select a subset of records, select the fields to export for each record, and preview the data to be sure that it is correct before doing the export.


To Export Data:

Choose the Tabs that contain data that you need. You may select multiple tabs to export in this step. Click Search Data to continue.


Choose which records to export. Fill in data to match in the screen presented, to pull a sub-set of the data in the system.

Note: The export limit is 5000 records, or up to 1% of the export data, so setting good search criteria is important.


From the buttons at the bottom of the record selection pane, you can go directly to export to get all available fields in the modules (Export As… buttons), or you can choose to select only some fields to export (Select Fields button). You may also choose to View Data to see if what you are exporting is what you intend.



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