Using the Import Wizard

The import page works the same way from both the Sales and Info Manager. In the Sales import page, you can import Lead or Broker records, while in the Info Mgr, you can import one of a series of files.

In order to see the permitted fields for a given import format, choose that format from the drop-down selection menu, and choose Download Data Sample to get a sample file format, that you can match to your incoming data.


File Considerations: Files need to be in either Comma Separated Values (.csv) or Tab Separated Values (.txt) files. If any data contains comma, single-quote, double-quotes etc., the data value MUST be enclosed by double-quotes. If there is any double-quote in the data, replace it with two double-quotes.

PRO TIP: use MS Excel to generate the CSV or Tab delimited file. The size of the uploaded file should not exceed 25 MB.

The first row of the CSV/Tab file MUST contain column names. There should not be any force line feed character in any of the data values. The only characters allowed in the amount fields are 0-9, comma, period, and hyphen (at the beginning for negative amounts only).

Date Format allowed for all date fields is MM/DD/YYYY.

To Import Data in Info Mgr:

Select the Import page under Info Mgr. 

Select the file to import.

Choose the file format.

- CSV (Comma Separated Values): All data fields must be separated by a comma:

- Tab ( Tab Separated Values): All data fields must be separated by a “tab()” character.

Select Choose File to browse your computer for the CSV or Tab file.

Select the file.

Click Open.

Click Continue.


Map the data in the file to the fields in FranConnect. For each field, choose the field from the drop down that matches or corresponds to the data fields listed. Click Continue. Confirm that the mappings are correct on the next page, and click Continue.


To Import Data in Sales:

Select Import under the Sales Module.

Choose File. 


Scroll down to Default Values for Fields Section. 

In the Default Values for Fields section, Choose the Inquiry Date.

Select the Lead Owner from the dropdown or the radio button for Based on Assignment Rules. 

Select the Lead Status.

Identify and Select both the Lead Source Category and Lead Source Details.

Click Continue.

Review the Data, Select Continue to Import. 

Note: Default values will not be select if they are not provided from the CSV or Tab file.


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