Effectively Using Triggers and Auditing in Info Manager

FranConnect is capable of notifying users about important expiration dates or other time-sensitive information.  This article will help you leverage the functionality of triggers to get ahead of your workload and never miss an important item. For example, if you require franchisees to have particular types of insurance and would like to be notified a month or more before its expiration, this can be done with the Info Manager and Triggers.

Go to Admin > Triggers and Auditing under the Info Manager Tab.



This page displays all of the existing tabs of the Information Manager section. When you see the section for which you would like to set notifications, go to the action icon on the right and choose Field Level Configuration. This will show you each field in the section for which you may trigger a notification.


In this example, let’s choose the section Insurance and the field Insurance Expiration Date.


Click Submit.

Note: The Additional Recipients feature allows you to send the notification to emails outside of the system After you select the user or users, select the “On Event” options. If you select a date field you will see options like “Days Prior”, or “Days After”. Add a number in the field below, in order to send the notification out on the selected before or after date of what displays in that field. Once completed, you may add other notifications using the green plus icon. In this example one notification would go out 90 days prior, and another 45 days prior to the expiration date. This feature can be used to improve tracking on important events and timely tasks.

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