SMS - How to receive SMS reply notification

How can lead owners get notified when a lead replies to an SMS?

In the system, users can configure a workflow to send out email notifications whenever a lead replies to an SMS. 

Steps to create the workflow:

In Sales > Workflows > click Create Workflow.


Name your workflow, and make sure you're creating an an Event Based type, and click "Next".

7-21-2022_11-26-51_AM.pngFrom the drop down menu, select "When someone responds to SMS" and click "Next".

7-21-2022_12-34-32_PM.pngYou can set different condition if needed, and click "Next."7-21-2022_12-44-28_PM.pngClick "Choose Action" and select "Send Email."

7-21-2022_12-49-54_PM.pngPlease make sure the "To" section is set to "Lead Owner."

7-21-2022_1-00-15_PM.pngYou can customize the Subject line as well as the email content using predefined keywords, and click "Associate & Save" once completed.

7-21-2022_1-02-35_PM.pngClick "Create" to finish building your workflow.


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