How to Enter Negative Values in a Finance Sales Report

The Franconnect system allows you to configure product categories and their subcategories to generate the sales report. The Finance module generates calculates the royalties based on the total sales. Categories are either Addition or Subtraction. 

For example, a product category would be an example of an Addition type category. For negative values, such as expenses or refunds create a Subtraction type calculation type. These categories have to configured ahead of time. Neither category will accept negative values. 

To configure the Sale Categories for Finance Sales Report, go to:
Admin > Finance > Configure Categories for Sales Report.6-17-2022_2-05-34_PM.png6-17-2022_2-56-55_PM.png

Note: At any time if one needs to Modify or no longer need the Sales category, one can Modify or Deactivate by clicking the 3 vertical dots to the right. 






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