Submitting a Ticket

Tickets can be submitted to the Service Desk from the New Ticket page, accessed by clicking on the New Ticket button in the Service Desk tool.

Example New Ticket page


On this page is a simple form that will need to be filled out and submitted for the ticket to be created.

  • Select Category – Here will be a list of categories that are available for you to submit tickets into, as well as a description of the category's purpose.
  • Subject – A quick summary or descriptor of the matter.
  • Priority – Dropdown containing the various priority types that have been made available for this category. This priority field is typically used for organisational purposes by the administrators and owners of the category, and is commonly updated after tickets are submitted to better reflect their circumstances. The availability of this option depends on the category's setup.
  • Location – Dropdown containing the various locations that may be selected as being relevant to the ticket. If only one option is available, it will be pre-selected and appear as plain text rather than a dropdown. The availability of this option depends on the category's setup.
  • Message – Rich text editor allowing you to enter the details of the matter at hand.
  • Attachments – File upload field that may be used to include relevant documents and files. Up to 10 files may be uploaded by pressing the Add another File button.
  • Back – Return to the Service Desk's main view, without creating a ticket.
  • Submit – Creates ticket as per the form provided.
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