Security Settings

Enable "Stay Signed In" – Turning this option on will show an extra option on the login page, called "Stay Signed In". If users use this option when logging in, they will be able to visit the platform again through the same computer and browser without having to provide their username and password, until they log out manually and/or in conjunction with the Stay Signed In Timeout field value (more on this below).

Important: This setting applies to browser logins only. It does not apply to logins via the mobile apps (which stay signed in by default).

Stay Signed In Timeout – This option is used to specify the number of days that the "Stay Signed In" option will be effective for, from the time the user logs in. If for example, it is set to 30 days, a user may log into the platform using "Stay Signed In", and continue to use the platform without having to resupply his/her login credentials until 30 days later.

Note: If the 'Stay Signed In' setting is not enabled, there is a default timeout period of three (3) hours of inactivity. Meaning, if you are logged into the platform, but not interacting with it, you will be logged out after three (3) hours.

For an overview of Security Settings please take a look at the following video.  

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