Integration Clients

The settings found within this section of System Configuration allow you to manage your integration services for use with the World Manager API. 

For an overview of Integration Clients please take a look at the following video.

Managing Integration Clients

Integration Clients can only be managed by a 'World Manager' level administrator account. Please see instructions below:

1. Log in with your 'World Manager' account

2. Go to 'System → System Configuration'

3. Click on the Integration Clients button

Here you will see a list of existing Integration Clients (if any), as well as be able to create new ones.

Important: The reason Integration Clients can only be managed/created by a 'World Manager' level administrator accounts, is because the Client ID and Client Secret can be used by third-parties and/or in-house developers to build middleware for integrations with your World Manager platform. So it is important that this is managed by the highest-level administrators, to ensure only the relevant/required people have these details.

Creating an Integration Client

1. Click on the New Integration Client button

2. Complete all required fields

Tip: The Client ID and Client Secret fields are auto-populated, and cannot be changed/chosen. These are the details you and/or your integration developer(s) will use to communicate between your application, and your platform's API.

3. Click on the Save button (once done)

Once you have created an Integration Client, it is ready to be used in your API project. For more information, please refer to the Integration FAQs article.

Removing an Integration Client

1. Click on the Integration Clients button

2. Click on the 'delete' icon beside the Integration Client 'Name'

3. Repeat Step 2 (if there are multiple Integration Clients you wish to delete)

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