The Fusebox directly controls which tools can be accessed by the different account groups on the platform.

This is achieved by providing a list of all the tools available on the platform, organised into tables for each suite, as well as the header tools. These tables also include columns for each of the account groups on the platform (the Employee level groups are combined into a single group).

View of the Fusebox

At the intersection of the tool name and the account group name, you may find one of a number of things:

  • Green tick – This indicates that the tool is accessible by that account group.
  • Red cross – This indicates that the tool is inaccessible and invisible to that account group.
  • Padlock – This indicates that the tool is visible to the account group, but it is inaccessible (the tool will appear to be greyed out).
  • Nothing – A lack of any icon at the intersection of a tool name and account group name means that the tool is not applicable to the account group, and consequently may not be enabled or disabled for them.

Besides for those that have no icon, the tick, cross, or padlock icons can be cycled through by clicking on it. Once the tool permissions have been changed satisfactorily, you can apply the changes by clicking on the Update button.

Note: The accessibility to tools for a group of users also affects their ability to search for items within that tool. For example, if the Accounts tool is made inaccessible to Store Managers, then Store Managers will no longer be able to search for accounts.

For an overview of the Fusebox please take a look at the following video. 

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