PDF Templates

This section of System Configuration is used to manage the appearance of headers (consisting simply of an image and a tagline) in PDF documents that are produced by the platform, through the setting up of templates. 

These templates are then applied to specific countries, and each country may only have up to one PDF template at a time, including a special Default PDF Template that is used for PDF documents in countries that don't have a template, or documents that don't belong to any particular country. This is particularly useful in distinguishing the different brands or countries that may exist within your platform.

PDF Template Management

This is a simple content management table similar to those found in other parts of the platform. It allows you to see which ones are available, and buttons to edit or delete them.

Creating and Editing PDF Templates

From here, you will be able to create a new template by clicking on the New PDF Template button, or edit an existing template by clicking on its edit button, or editing the default template by clicking the Edit Default PDF Template button.


  • Country – Dropdown that contains a list of countries that do not yet have a PDF Template. Used to select the country that this template will be applied to. This option is not applicable to the Default PDF Template.
  • Image and Text Position – Dropdown that contains four preset combinations of image and text alignment combinations. These are used to affect where the header's image and text will be in relation to each other, and to the page.
  • Logo Image – Combination of a file upload field that can be used to upload an image from your device, as well as a dropdown that allows you to select an existing image. This image will be displayed in the header.
  • Tagline – Text area that allows you to input the text that will be displayed in the header.
  • Tagline Colour – Colour picker that allows you to choose the font colour of the tagline.
  • Font formatting – This allows you to turn on or off the three common formatting options for the tagline (bold, italics, and underline).
  • Active – This option is used to enable the template. Once it is enabled, it will be immediately effective, and any PDF document in its country will use it.

Once you are satisfied with the options for the template, simply click the Save or Update button to finalise the process.

For an overview of PDF Templates please take a look at the following video.

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