Questionnaires allow you to create survey-type sections that the applicant must complete during the submission process.

Creating Questionnaires

To create a Questionnaire, go to: (Country) → Human Resources → Recruitment → Templates → Questionnaires, then click on the New Questionnaire button.

Example of New Questionnaire form


  • Name – The main reference given to this questionnaire. This name is used to distinguish it from other questionnaires.
  • Compulsory – Enabling this option will make this questionnaire compulsory/mandatory during the application process.

Editing Questionnaires

Once you have created a questionnaire, you may need to edit it and/or its content.

To edit a Questionnaire, go to: (Country) → Human Resources → Recruitment → Templates → Questionnaires. You now have two (2) different editing options - see below:

1. Editing Name: To simply edit the name of the questionnaire, click on the 'Edit' icon beside the questionnaire name.

Example of 'Edit' icon

2. Editing Content: To edit the content of the questionnaire, click on the name of the questionnaire directly.

Creating Survey Questions

Questionnaires use the same layout that's utilised throughout the platform. See Survey Question Types for more information.

Alert: Questionnaires are basically used as an initial template. Meaning that, once you add it to a section of a Position Template, then save it, it now becomes its own questionnaire moving forward (for that template) and any changes made to the original Questionnaire will not show. Therefore, any changes you want to make for that particular template, need to be either done directly in the Position Template itself (by editing the section content) or, you can amend the Questionnaire itself then replace the Position Template section.

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