Email Templates

Recruitment email templates are used in conjunction with Recruitment Stages and Position Templates for sending out automated emails at various stages throughout the recruitment process.

To create an Email Template, go to: (Country) → Human Resources → Recruitment → Templates → Email Templates, then click on the New Email button.

Example of New Email template form


  • Name – The main reference given to this email template. This name is used to distinguish it from other email templates.
  • Email Template Style – A drop-down containing all the email template styles that have been made available. The style affects the visual presentation of the email, in terms of headers, footers and colour theme. See Email Template Styles for more information.
  • Subject – This is the subject of the email that gets sent to the email recipient.
  • Email – Rich text editor with auto replace tags. This editor is used to enter the main contents of the email that is sent to the email recipient, and should convey adequate information concerning the purpose of the email. A list of applicable auto-replace tags are displayed on the right-hand side of the editor.
  • File – File upload field that can be used to upload a file that will be attached to the email.

Once this information has been entered (or updated) accordingly, press the Save or Update button to submit the form.

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