Location Deletion

In this article, we would show you how to delete Locations within your platform. Is important to notice that if there are any accounts or positions related to the location to be deleted is recommended to move/deactivate/delete those elements to be able to successfully complete this.

You can delete a Location by going to:

  1. (At National Level) System → Locations
  2. Click on the Area where the Location is residing
  3. Here you can click on the right icon:

  4. This will prompt a message asking for a confirmation to delete the store

    Note: If there are still accounts associated with the Location another confirmation will appear to unassign all the related accounts (active or inactive)

    Warning: If positions are still related to the Location an error message will appear and the platform will prevent the deletion of the Location

  5. After this procedure is confirmed the platform will delete the location and a message stating the deletion of the location will appear

If you have additional questions please contact wmsupport@franconnect.com for further assistance.

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