Creating a Location

This article provides details about the various settings available when creating a location, or editing an existing one. See Managing the Location Hierarchy (Administrators), or Updating Your Locations (Managers) for more information.

Depending on your account group, you may find that certain fields mentioned here are either unavailable, or not editable.

Update Location Page


Location Information

  • Name – The main reference given to this location.
  • Area – The area that this location will belong to.
  • Default Time Zone – The time zone that will initially be set when accounts are created in this location.
  • Permissions – This setting can be used to restrict the tools available to users belonging to this location. Changing the setting from All to Limited will reveal a list of tools that can be ticked to allow permission. These restrictions will apply to Employees, Store Managers, and General Managers alike.
  • Address – Text area for entering the physical address of this location.
  • Suburb – Dropdown for selecting the suburb that this location belongs to. If the suburb does not exist in the list, choose 'Others...' to enter the name of the suburb manually. Doing so will make it available on the list when creating other locations.
  • State – Dropdown for selecting the State that this location belongs to. Similarly to suburbs, you are able to choose 'Others...' and manually enter the name if it does not yet available.
  • Postcode – Postal or zip code of the location.
  • Show Map Link– This option is to be used in conjunction with the Recruitment tool. If job applications are setup for this location, applicants will have a link to view this location in Google Maps. See Recruitment for more information.
    • Latitude and Longitude – The latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates of this location. This is used by Google Maps to determine the location.
    • Recalculate – If the address, suburb, and state have been entered, this button will attempt to use that information to automatically determine and populate the Latitude and Longitude fields.
    • Preview – This button will show the location on Google Maps, according to the Latitude and Longitude

Contact Information

The are also a number of optional input fields for contact information, providing a way for users of the platform to contact the location if necessary. This includes the contact's name, position, email, landline, mobile, and fax numbers.

Page Buttons

  • Save – Creates the new location according to the form, or updates the existing location.
  • Back – Return to the previous page without saving the changes

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