System Widgets

System Widgets perform a special function or interact with a tool in a special way. System Widgets come with the platform by default and cannot be added to. 

Adding System Widgets to the Dashboard

System Widgets can be added to the Dashboard from the 'Manage Widgets' page (found in System → System Configuration → Dashboard).

Note: Unlike regular widgets, System Widgets cannot be targeted to a country. 

List of System Widget

  • Achievement - Shows the top ranked users for various awards
  • Activity Feed - Shows recent profile posts
  • Calendar - Shows your events and appointments
  • Career Mapper - A visual display of your training completion
  • Events - Shows a list of upcoming events
  • Goals - Shows a list of your current goals
  • Image Gallery - Shows a slideshow of pictures from the Image Gallery (disabled on mobile)
  • Links - Shows a list of featured external links
  • Most Recent Posts - Displays recent posts in the Forum
  • My Tasks - Shows a list of items requiring your attention
  • Notices - Shows your current Notices
  • Performance Monitor - Displays your performance monitor graphs
  • Performance Ranking - Shows the top ranked users, locations and areas
  • Twitter - Shows a Twitter feed on your dashboard
  • World Stats - Shows statistics across all accounts in World Manager
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