Creating a Facebook Widget for your Dashboard

This article provides information on how to create a Facebook widget using the Facebook developer tools website. This website does not require you to log in; however, you must have an existing Facebook page (to link the widget to). The widget can then be loaded onto the platform's dashboard. 

Attention: Please keep in mind that these instructions are how to currently create the widget through Facebook's development website. However, Facebook can make changes to this process at any time (without warning), so we are not able to guarantee that the instructions will always be accurate.

Creating the Widget in Facebook

1. Go to, then scroll down to the page plugin form

2. Set the "Facebook Page URL" to your company's page, set the width to "351" and then uncheck the "Adapt to plugin container width" option

3. Confirm that the preview below the form displays your company's Facebook page, then scroll down and click on the "Get Code" button

4. When the pop-up window appears, copy the code from both sections

5. Paste both codes from Step 4 (above) into a text editor, such as Notepad, then select all of it and copy it

The widget has now been created, and is ready to be added to your World Manager platform. More on this below:

Adding the Widget to your Platform

1. Log into your World Manager platform, then go to 'System → System Configuration' and click on the Dashboard button under the "System" section

2. Click on the New Widget button

3. Fill out the new widget details as follows:

  • Name: Facebook
  • Description: Facebook Widget
  • Target Country: Choose the country/countries you wish to display this Instagram widget in (in this example, we'll choose "All Countries")
  • Preferred Column: Right
  • Type: HTML
  • HTML Content: **Both sections of code (step 5 from above instructions)
  • Height (px): 500
  • Header Style: None
  • Background Colour: **Leave as Default
  • Border Colour: **Leave as Default
  • Text Colour: **Leave as Default

4. Click the Save button

The widget has now been created and can be pinned/added to the dashboard(s) of your choosing.

Tip: Please be sure to click Update once you have set the widget to the desired group(s). For more information regarding managing widgets, see article: Managing Widgets on the Dashboard

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