Creating a PureChat Widget for your Dashboard

This article provides information on how to create a live chat widget in conjunction with PureChat, and add it to a widget. The widget can then be loaded onto the platform's dashboard. Please assess carefully if this is the best solution for your intended purpose as there are a number of online chat widget providers online.

An example can be seen below how it can compliment your Dashboard, for quick and easy communication.

Attention: Please keep in mind that these instructions are how to currently enable & create a live chat widget using PureChat. However, PureChat can make changes to this process at any time (without warning).

Tip: Please make sure you are logged into PureChat, as some of the instructions contain links to tools within your PureChat account.

Step 1: Create a (free) PureChat account

Note: If you already have a PureChat account, please skip to the next set of steps (below).

1. Open your preferred browser

2. Go to:

3. Click on the "Sign Up" button (top right)

4. Complete the registration form accordingly, then click on the "Sign Up" button

Tip: Once you have signed up and are logged in, feel free to ignore the prompts to install the script, or follow their "quick start" process. We do not need to follow these steps!


Step 2: Enable Hosted Chat Page

1. Once logged in, click on the websites icon (left side)

2. Click on the "Customize" button next to the 'website' of your choice (if you have more than one)

3. Go to the "Hosted" tab

4. Tick the "Enable Hosted Chat Page" option

5. Click on the "Save" button

6. Copy the link from the bottom field

Important: Keep note of this link for the next set of steps.

Tip: Here is an example of what the Hosted Chat URL should look like:

Step 3. Adding the Widget to your Platform

1. Log into your World Manager platform, then go to 'System → System Configuration' and click on the Dashboard button under the "System" section

2. Click on the New Widget button

3. Choose the "IFrame" option from the drop-down

4. Fill out the new widget details as follows:

  • Title: PureChat Live Chat
  • Description: PureChat Live Chat
  • Preferred Column:Right
  • Target Country: Choose the country/countries you wish to display this PureChat widget in
  • Style: None
  • Text Colour: **Leave as Default
  • Url Link: **The URL from PureChat (from above instructions)
  • Height (px): 500

Note: All of the above settings are recommendations only. Please feel free to amend as per your requirement.

5. Click the Save button


The widget has now been created and can be pinned/added to the dashboard(s) of your choosing.

Tip: Please be sure to click Update once you have set the widget to the desired group(s). For more information regarding managing widgets, see article: Managing Widgets on the Dashboard

Step 4: Customise the design of the PureChat Widget [optional]

By creating an IFrame widget, we are simply placing a 'window' into the PureChat web version right there on the World Manager Dashboard. However, the look and feel, including the greeting (e.g. "Talk to HQ") is all managed through the PureChat website.

If you would like to customise the look and feel of your widget, please refer to the following instructions:

1. Whilst logged in, click on the websites icon (left side)

2. Click on the "Customize" button next to the 'website' of your choice (if you have more than one)

3. Go to the various tabs available (e.g. "Design", "Chat", "Hosted")

4. Configure the available options, as per your requirement (e.g. colours, title etc.)

5. Click on the "Save" button

Tip: For more information on customising the chat window, please refer to the following PureChat article:

Important: As this is a third-party product, we do not provide support on using the app once you have it set up as a widget. However, there is ample documentation on the PureChat website - see here: Alternatively, you can contact their support team directly.

The PureChat Live Chat Process

Below is a general run-through of the PureChat process, to begin & user the live chat function, using the widget on the Dashboard:

1. The platform user completes the available field(s) in the PureChat widget, then presses the "ENTER" button to initiate the chat

2. All available/online PureChat users will be notified of a new incoming chat request (in their browser and/or the app)

3. Once a PureChat user accepts the chat request, they will reply to the platform user and commence the live chat


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