Groups, Templates, Campaigns: The Sequence for Best Results

 There are two ways you can communicate with your leads in FranConnect:

- Sending a Campaign.

- Sending a one-off email.

A campaign has the ability to be sent to multiple emails over a period of time. It can also track how many emails were sent, bounced and delivered. While sending an email, you do not have the same choices as sending a campaign, as this is just an email sent at one time and one time only. 
In this guide we will cover how you can communicate with your leads from Groups and your Lead management page.

Under Lead Management, select the leads that you want to send a campaign to. Click on the Action button and choose Associate with Campaign from the drop-down.7-8-2022_11-00-03_AM.pngAnother way to communicate with leads is by creating a Group:
Normally these leads have the same qualities and should be receiving this particular communication. For example, if you want to send an email to leads who are in the state of New York, then you would create a group just for leads in New York. See below on how to communicate to these leads. 
> Groups > Action button > Associate with Campaign.7-8-2022_11-25-56_AM.pngSales > Groups > Click on the number of the leads within that group.

7-8-2022_11-46-44_AM.pngIt will now show you all of the leads within that group. Click on the Arrow near the Prospects name to Select All leads as shown below:

7-8-2022_11-57-09_AM.pngClick the Action button and select Send Email.

7-8-2022_11-58-41_AM.pngChoose the Template that you would like to send to these leads. You can also manually type the verbiage that you would like to send.


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