Sales Web Forms Best Practices

A tracking code is a small piece of code that is usually implemented as JavaScript in the HTML source code of a website. You can use FranConnect webforms to collect data from your franchise landing pages. In this guide we will cover how to add a tracking code for a Franchise webform. 

Go to Admin > Sales > Manage Web Form Generator.7-13-2022_10-56-48_AM.png

Click “Action” menu and select “Add Tracking Code”7-13-2022_11-37-58_AM.pngEnter the tracking code and click on “Add” once completed.

Configure Default Values for Certain Fields: 

The below fields are auto filled once the lead is entered in the system:

- Lead Status: you can tell the system what specific lead status should get assigned to the leads coming from the webform.

- Lead Owner: you may select a specific person to collect leads from the webform, or leave it based on Assignment Rules.

- Campaign name: Assign a particular campaign for the leads entered via the webform.

- Lead Source Category/Details: Your leads can be defined based on the source.

- Brand (Optional): you may assign a brand to the webform.

The above options can be configured under each of your webforms.


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