Move Sales Leads to Opener/ Info Mgr

If you have the Sales, Opener and Info Mgr modules, it is a typical practice to move your Lead that has converted to a Franchisee into the Opener/ Info Mgr modules. Since the lead is now a Franchisee, you will want to store your agreements and other documents.

When moving a lead directly to Opener, FC will also copy the leads documents to the Opener module found under Info Mgr > In Developments > below the location's Documents tab without any action on your part.

Note: When moving a lead directly to Info Mgr (skipping Opener) it is important to check the Move Documents checkbox as shown below. 

Note: Remember that in order for a Lead to be qualified to move into Opener or Info Mgr they must have signed the FDD agreement. For more information on the FDD, you can refer to our other guides that help with that process. 


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