Uploading a HTML Zip File for a Template Design

There are many ways to create template designs, so that you can send out beautiful and creative emails to your recipients. FranConnect allows you to have the flexibility of creating your own designs, should you not want to use the template builder already located in your system.
In this guide, we will cover how to upload a HTML file into a template.

The great thing about this feature, is that if you have a design team who would like to keep a consistent layout design for your emails, they can be uploaded right into the system without the hassle of trying to put one together. You might encounter some issues if you are not familiar with HTML coding. One slip up could cause the format in the design to be flawed, and it could be hard to pin point where the correction needs to be made.

Note: The Zip file must contain a HTML file for you to complete the next steps, otherwise you will not be able to upload your document.

See the steps below to upload a HTML file into a template:

Sales > Campaign Center > Templates > Click Manage Templates. 7-14-2022_11-21-58_AM.png

7-14-2022_10-41-27_AM.pngCreate Template.

Use the Code your Own Option.

7-14-2022_10-47-37_AM.pngClick on Upload HTML/ Zip file.

Choose the HTML file that you have to upload. Click Save when done.

Note: There is the option to choose the email type. This is NOT a required selection*


 For any images, click Upload on the next page.

Once completed, you will be brought to the main page of the templates in which you can view your work!

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