Mystery Reviews

It’s not always easy to know how your locations are doing when you are not physically there. Letting your franchisees know that you are coming to perform an audit gives them a chance to straighten up and perfect any issues before you come so that they can ensure to receive a good rating.
Using the Mystery Review tab can allow you to conduct a brief review of the location without notifying the Franchisee beforehand.

To create a form for a Private Review session, this would be configured in the Admin as if you were creating a regular Audit form. See below for instructions:
Click on Admin > Visit > Manage Visit Form.7-18-2022_9-27-14_AM.pngFrom here, you will Add a Visit Form.

Note: While creating this form for Mystery Review use, it is important that you select this form to be Private. See the screenshot below that will show you where this checkbox is located:7-18-2022_9-44-08_AM.png


Moving forward, you will create your form as if you would with any other form. You can add questions and sections within the form as shown below:12.png

Note: Allowing private comments would ensure that these would NOT be visible to the franchisee.

Once you have completed your form, you are now ready to conduct a Mystery Review. This would be conducted in the same way as if you were to conduct a normal Visit. You would go to:
Operations > Visits > Create Visit.7-18-2022_10-11-06_AM.png7-18-2022_10-28-33_AM.pngYou will choose the Mystery Review form that you have created.

Note: When you choose the Mystery Review form, the options to send a visit notification will automatically disappear.



After you have started and completed the visit, your visit details will then show up in the Visit Summary. Note that the forms with two asterisks next to them means that this is a Mystery Review form:26.png

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