How to configure N/A (Not Applicable) responses in Operations

Site visits are important for franchisees to measure the performance of their locations. In some cases, there are actions items that may not be applicable to a particular location so Franchise Business Consultants can configure responses as N/A towards questions. FranConnect’s Operations module provides you the configurations and the flexibility to create answers with the option to check mark N/A response.
In this guide, we will cover how to checkmark N/A Responses towards each question in an Audit Form.

You can start making the changes under Admin side:
 From the Admin Interface > Visit, click Manage Visit Form.
Click on a Form, click on a Tab and click on the Pencil Paper Icon beside each question.22.pngFrom the pop-up screen, click on the Response Tab, checkmark the Response Field to Allow N/A.23.png

From the front-end of Operations, N/A response option shows in the question response. All set!24.png

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