How can I use Smart Groups to manage my Sales Leads?

Using Smart Groups allows one to add recipients automatically to a group which matches the criteria previously defined and optionally send Email Campaigns.

For example, suppose you want to group leads with a Lead Status of Dead Leads located in California. We create a group as shown below:

1.pngSales > Groups: Creating a Smart Group.

One existing lead matches the criteria above. If another lead enters the system or another lead is modified so the state is California and the Lead Status is Dead Leads, the lead will be added to the Smart Group automatically as shown below:2.pngList of Groups under Sales > Groups.

Leads in your Smart Group can be sent an Email Campaign or SMS Campaign. The Archive option is to archive the group, not the leads in the group.

Leads can be associated with one campaign. Archive will archive the group not the leads.


To set up your Smart Group, go to:

Sales > Groups > Create Group > Under “Select Criteria” begin to type your criteria or select from the drop-down list.  Notice how you can select more than one:


Note: Careful when selecting fields located in more than one section. For example, State, there is a State in the Primary Info, Co-applicant, Compliance, etc. sections. Also, for the State, you will need to select “Country” FIRST so the system knows which set of states to display.

Creating a Smart Group:

15.pngBe sure to check the box below if you want the criteria to apply to current leads as well as future leads.

Check the box to take advantage of including current leads as well as future leads


Note: Smart Groups will ADD leads that match the criteria; however, Smart Groups will NOT REMOVE leads that fall out of the match criteria. For example, if you have a lead from California and the Lead Status is ‘Dead Lead’, then the status is changed to ‘Contacted’, the lead will remain in the Smart group. Leads have to be manually removed from the Smart Group using the “Remove Leads From Group” option.

17.pngSales > Groups: ‘Remove Leads From Group’ then in the next page, see below.

Select the leads by checking the check box next to the lead’s name and “Remove from Group.”25.png






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