When to use a Group vs a Smart Group

When creating a new Group in your system you should see the option to make this group a Smart Group. Before selecting, consider the intended use of the group by asking these questions:

- How am I adding leads to this group?

- Will I use this more than once?

- Do I want the system to always pull leads into this group, or just this one time?

If you want the system to search leads and continue to add leads into the group when they match a set criteria, then you would select Smart Group.

If you are just looking to get a bunch of leads already existing in the system to use just once, and not have the system continue to add to then you want just a normal group.

Once you choose Smart Group you will be directed to “Select Criteria” to set it up. For example, if you wanted all the leads in the Country: USA, State: VA you could add these criteria and name the group accordingly.

1.pngYou may view the settings and how many leads will be pulled in.  When leads come into the system and match the criteria they will be pulled into the group automatically.


Groups (not Smart Groups):

In standard groups, leads will need to be added by searching and adding. The system will not continue to look for new leads to add to the group. Leads can also be removed from the group if you no longer want them associated with the group.

Once the group is created you may use the 3 vertical dots on the right to choose Associate with Leads so you can search leads to add to the group. Once the lead search is completed the system will not continue to look and add leads to the group.


Both kinds of groups can be useful for sending campaigns for targeted areas or to group similar leads. Smart groups allow you to maintain certain leads for a specific use, basic groups make it simple to quickly create a one-time use list of leads.

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