Getting the Most out of your Advertising Budget with Lead Source and ROI Reports

Giving your lead sources credit for the leads they deliver is important in your system. By tracking this data you can see how many leads have closed from the source over the year. If you have a lead source providing that you spend $10,000 a year but only one closes then it is not an effective use of your money.

First it’s important to make sure all incoming internet leads are being sourced correctly.

When a lead source is not correctly set up, then the leads will show as an Internet Lead, but the Source Details will show as Others.

Go to Admin > Define Lead Sources > Select Source.

6-15-2022_3-10-07_PM.pngNow you will see all the different kinds of lead sources. If the Lead is being sent through email then it would need to be marked as an Internet Lead.
Next to Internet you should see a link for Lead Source Details. This is where the new sources can be set up.


Once the source is set up you can click the Paper Icon on the right to place the email subject line that is on the email so the system gives the lead the correct credit.6-15-2022_3-13-43_PM.pngOnce done you can test by submitting a lead through the lead source. I will often take a few minutes for the lead to show in the system. But if set up correctly they would come in as an Internet Lead with the Details you set up.
Now in the system go back to Admin and go to and Define Marketing and Advertising Cost, and select Configure Marketing Cost.6-15-2022_3-17-25_PM.png

If this is not set up yet then you can add a year for reporting with Add Marketing Cost.

6-15-2022_3-19-20_PM.pngIn this case, 2020 already exist so I am modifying the data to update how much was spent per month. To Modify, Click on the action wheel and select Modify


Note: Once complete you can now go to Sales > Reports > Marketing Costs ROI Analysis Report. This report calculates and displays the cost per Lead by different sources as set up in the previously mentioned sections and see how effective your company's budget is being spent.


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