NACHA File Guide

In a world where everything is controlled through your fingertips by either a click or a swipe, and paper is fading into history, it’s key that electronic payments work safely and efficiently. 

In support of these changes, FranConnect utilizes EFT for monetary transactions. These transactions are documented in a NACHA (ACH transactions) file. This article will help you to interpret a NACHA document so you can review various payment types such as Royalty, Advertisement and other Fee types in a franchisee’s Sales report.
In this guide, we will cover how to read and interpret NACHA files data according to Payment Type.

This diagram shows how to read an Entry Detail record from a NACHA File.nacha.pngHere are some the steps to reading a sample file.

From Finance > EFT Transactions.

6-17-2022_4-15-04_PM.png6-17-2022_4-17-09_PM.pngSelect the any File.

Click on the EFT DATE.6-17-2022_4-19-22_PM.pngThe Sample of NACHA details highlighted in blue is the Money and highlighted in yellow is the Location.nacha4.pngClick on EFT Transactions again.

Select Click to View under Included invoices for the same date, to see the Store ID and the Dollar amount.6-17-2022_4-39-42_PM.png

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