Lead Source Tracking

You may be running a variety of campaigns such as Pay Per Click or Email Campaigns and driving all your lead traffic to your Franchise Website. But when a lead comes into the system, you cannot track the Original Source it came from, be it a Google ad or specific email campaign. How can you get this information from your marketing campaigns into Franchise Sales and run reports on it?

Using URL query tracking and adding hidden fields to your website forms, you can pass through any information you would like to track and run reports on. Here are instructions on how you can setup any marketing campaign to track this information.

Instead of driving all your traffic simply to your Franchise website you will want to add information into the clickable link based on the source of your marketing effort. We will use Franconnect.com as an example.

Let’s say FranConnect is running an add on Google Pay Per Click and we want to back to track the original source of our leads. Instead of driving traffic to FranConnect.com you would add variables at the end of the URL specific to your campaign you are running. So we would change the link from our Google PPC ad to be: www.FranConnect.com/?OS=PPC&Campaign=Google

On your website form your IT team would simply add hard-coded hidden fields in the email notification pulled from a URL. That will then allow us to pull in those specific fields into FranConnect to dictate PPC Tracking metrics. You can add as many or as little items you would like to track.

Example URL Linked from a PPC Ad: www.FranConnect.com/?OS=PPC&Campaign=Google  (OS and Campaign can be called whatever you would like, and you can add as many variables as you would like by simply adding another & to the URL)

Example Email after a form has been filled in on the website:
(Yellow indicates hidden hard-coded fields)
First Name: Jamie
Last Name: Shelton
Email: Jamie.shelton@franconnect.com
Phone: 7607205354
OriginalSource: PPC
Campaign = Google

If you were running PPC Campaigns on Bing as well, for example, the link from your ads would simple change to: FranConnect.com/?OS=PPC&Campaign=Bing. FranConnect can then add additional fields to your candidate profiles to pull in the additional information directly and automatically into the candidate profile. This will allow you to see that extra layer of information to track back to the original source of leads coming into your system and thus track the success of specific campaigns.

There is one additional item to consider. Depending on how your website is built or structured, you may have to add additional code to your website so that if a candidate clicks on your PPC ad, gets to your website with the proper URL tracking and then clicks around the site you do not lose the tracking in the URL. If your site is built in WordPress, your IT team can add PHP code to the site so that if someone comes from the dynamic URL in a PPC ad, and clicks around prior to filling out the lead gen form, the code will still follow them for lead scraping.

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