Navigating through the different Performance Monitor views

General Information

The Performance Monitor tool is directly linked to your Account Hierarchy and Locations, which means that the information that is shown to different users will depend on the Account Group that the user belongs to.

As a refresher, the Account Groups with access to the Performance Monitor tool (shown with their default view) are:

  • World Manager (Country Performance)
  • National Manager (Area Performance)
  • Area Manager (Store Performance)
  • General Manager (Employee Performance)
  • Store Manager (Employee Performance)

Different Views

When first opening the Performance Monitor, each user will be shown the highest level of information that is available to them, EG:

A World Manager will see the country performance graphs for their platform, and a Store Manager will see individual employee completion rates relating only to their store.

Clicking the name of a Country, Area, Location, Fuel Gauge or individual account will drill down to the different views that are available to each user.

Note: Once you click a country as a World Manager account group you would not come back to the world view using the performance monitor or the back button on your browser, you’ll have to return using the country selector on the upper left side of your platform.

Additionally, you can go further and access specific account training profiles to verify which training content has been completed/failed by this specific account. To get to this view click on the user you want to review on the performance monitor tool:

This view would present more detailed information showing the specific e-Learning Modules, Sign offs, Appraisals, Internal Surveys and Notices has been completed until now. For more detailed information on what specifically shows in this view check: Parts of the My Training page.

Note: The information presented in this view may vary with the tab more information, the Employee and Individual Performance tab would use live information showing the completion of all of the content assigned to that user even if that content was completed the day you are viewing the results. The more information tab uses cached data to present all the information and would only take into consideration the content completed the day before. For more information about which tools use cache data and what tasks are run overnight check this article: Automatic Platform Updates and Daily Tasks 


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