What makes up the Performance Monitor graphs?

The graphs are an indication of overall completion rates for various content within the platform at any given moment. 

Which tools are included?

The graphs are made up of any active content from the following tools:

  1. E-Learning
  2. Sign Offs
  3. Written Tests
  4. Internal Surveys
  5. Appraisals*
  6. Mandatory Notices**

*Appraisals will only be included under the following circumstances:

  • Self-Appraisals are assigned to the Appraisee
  • Peer Appraisals are assigned to the Appraiser
  • Two-Way Appraisals are assigned to the Appraisee

The above approach ensures that a single appraisal instance (EG: A Two-Way Appraisal between Store Manager and Employee) is only counted once when calculating completion rates.

**Only (current) mandatory Notices are included in completion rate calculations and graphs within the Performance Monitor tool.

for: adm, mgr;

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