Performance Monitor and Ranking Widgets vs Stats and Reports Calculations

In this article we will show you how the calculations for the Performance Monitor and the Ranking widgets are done, resulting in the statistics that you are able to see in the dashboard of your platform.

How Do the Performance Monitor and Ranking Widgets Calculate the Complete Percentage?

The calculations count all of the elements created with these tools:

  1. E-Learning Modules
  2. Sign Offs
  3. Written Tests
  4. Appraisals
    1. Self Appraisals - Only From the Appraisee Side
    2. Two-Way Appraisals - Only From the Appraisee Side
  5. Internal Surveys
  6. Mandatory Notices

The basic calculation is:

[(Every Passed/Read/Completed Element + Every Failed Element) / Total Quantity of Elements]* 100

This would show the total percentage of completion from these elements in the platform, this is the reference for all the content that the Performance Monitor and Ranking Widgets Calculate.

How does the Stats and Reports tool Calculates the Average Percentage?

The stats and reports tool has the option to show different completions percentages per tool, meaning that you can select specific tools and the Average column will be calculated by adding every average percentage per tool Individually. The calculation for these reports is:

(Sum of Each Average Completion per Selected Tool / Quantity of Tools Selected )* 100

Note: Is important to notice that these calculations will differ from the results obtained by the Ranking and Performance Monitor Widgets, since the operation will calculate the average for all the percentages, this report will not sum each element created.

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