How to Manage Account Details

Accessing "My Details"v2 changes

If you want to change your personal details such as email address, name or other such fields, you can do so by accessing your profile menu in the platform header. 

Click or Tap your profile image to open up the menu, and then select My Details

Tip: Some fields may be locked by your platform administrator(s) for security reasons. If you feel as though a change is required in any of these locked fields, please contact your platform administrator or direct manager for assistance.

My Details Fields, Explained

The following table includes all possible fields available however you may not necessarily have all of them, depending on the platform configuration and/or your level of access. Admins have the ability to create custom fields that may also display in My Details.

Attention: Fields marked with a   are required fields and must be completed in order to save any changes on this page

Your name
Your email address
Start Date*
Your employment start date
Your contact phone number
Your contact mobile phone number
Your login username to access the platform
Old Password
If you want to change your password, you will need to enter your old password first. You don't need to fill this field in to make changes to other fields on this page!
New Password / Confirm Password*
If you attempt to change your password, you'll need to type it twice to confirm the change
User Language*
If your platform is multi-language enabled, you may be able to select alternate languages here
Time Zone
Your local timezone. All times and dates within the platform will be displayed in this time zone
Your Name is
Your custom status, displayed to forum users. eg. Jane Smith is sorting out her EOFY tax!
Current Location
Your custom location, displayed to forum users
Current Image
Your platform profile image. Click Browse to upload a new image.
About Me
Your personal profile, displayed to users who access your forum profile page
Your forum signature, automatically added to the end of all forum posts you create
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