Adding Account Groups

Accounts can be organised into an unlimited number of Account Groups,  for each of the six (6) Roles in the platform.

The process for adding these groups is described below.

Creating Additional Account Groups

1. Go to System → Account Groups

2. Click on the New Group button

3. Enter a 'Name' for the group

4. Select a 'Role' in the 'Role' drop-down list

5. Click on the Save button

Note: Account Groups can only be created by World Manager level accounts (at World Level or at a National level), or National Manager level accounts (at a National level).

Managing Account Groups

If an Account Groups is created at World Level it will be inactive by default in all countries. To activate the Account Group for a country, select the Country and go to System → Account Groups for each country (depending on your requirements).

If the Account Group was created at National Level, it will be active by default. National level Account Groups cannot be deactivated. 

You are able to set a different name for an Account Group within each country (if required), which can you help differentiate the groups between different countries. You can change the name for an Account Group in each country by following the steps below.


Editing Account Group Names

1. Select a country

2. Go to System → Account Groups

3. Click on the edit (pencil) icon

4. Uncheck the "Use Default Name" option

5. Enter a 'Name' for the group

5. Click on the Update button

Enabling/Disabling Account  Groups

Important: It is only possible to disable an account group that has zero (0) 'active' accounts within it. Otherwise, you will see the following error message:

1. Select a country

2. Go to System → Account Groups

3. To enable

  • Click on the 'inactive' (cross) icon

4. To disable

  • Click on the 'active' (tick) icon

Tip: By default, newly created Account Groups are inactive at national-level (unless you edit + save them). Please ensure you make them active within applicable countries, if you wish to use them.

Important: In order to manage Account Groups at national-level, please enable the 'Account Groups' tool for the National Manager (administrator) level via the Fusebox. This should be enabled by default.

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