Setting up your Achievement Awards

One thing you'll want to do before you launch your platform is to set up which Achievement Awards you want to use. 

All of the options are available at the following page:

System System ConfigurationAchievement Awards

Of course, you can always use this page to immediately enable or disable any of the Achievement Awards used on your platform.

Enabling or Disabling awards

To enable or disable any of the awards, simply toggle the status by clicking the Tick or Cross when viewing the list of awards.


  • Go to System System ConfigurationAchievement Awards
  • Click the Edit icon (or the name of the award)
  • Tick or Untick Active
  • Click Update

Set a custom image for your awards

  • Go to System System ConfigurationAchievement Awards
  • Click the Edit icon (or the name of the award)
  • Select Custom Image
  • Click Choose File or Browse to upload the image
  • Click Update

Note: We recommend you use transparent PNG files for best effect.
All custom award images must be 280 x 280 pixels.

One-Off Achievement Awards

These awards are given to a user only once, and are typically a way to introduce and reward new users for performing various actions within the platform.

Available One-Off Achievement Awards:

  • Detail Oriented
  • Fast Learner
  • First-Timer
  • Interior Decorator
  • Look At Me
  • Perfect Score
  • Regular Visitor
  • Rising Star
  • Weekly Crown 1 - Gold
  • Weekly Crown 2 - Silver
  • Weekly Crown 3 - Bronze

Ongoing Achievement Awards

Ongoing awards use a system based on "levels", where a user can "level up" by performing a particular task or action a certain number of times, as defined by the Level Requirement for the award.

Note: For example, the Login Lover award is given to a user after they log in to the platform a particular number of times. If the Level Requirement for the Login Lover award was set to 10, then a user would advance to Level 1 after they log in 10 times, and would advance to Level 2 after logging in another 10 times.

To change the Level Requirement for an award:

  • Go to System System ConfigurationAchievement Awards
  • Click the Edit icon (or the name of the award)
  • Modify the Level Requirement field to suit
  • Click Update

Available Ongoing Achievement Awards:

  • Achievement Accumulator
  • Appraisal Accomplisher
  • Event Expert
  • Forum Fanatic
  • Gallery Guru
  • Login Lover
  • Notice Ninja
  • Sign Off Settler
  • Survey Sweeper
  • Test Titan
  • Ticket Tackler
  • Written Test Warrior

Weekly Achievement Awards

Weekly awards are given to the users that completed the most tasks or items for any given award category, compared to everyone in each Country of the platform.

Available Weekly Achievement Awards:

  • Chief Achievement Accumulator
  • Chief Appraisal Accomplisher
  • Chief Forum Fanatic
  • Chief Gallery Guru
  • Chief Sign Off Settler
  • Chief Survey Sweeper
  • Chief Test Titan
  • Chief Ticket Tackler
  • Chief Written Test Warrior

Custom Achievement Awards

Custom Awards can be created to give to users for any number of reasons. These are manually awarded and can include attachments (certificates for example) or additional comments. 

As Custom Awards function in a slightly different manner, we'll cover these in their own article, right here!

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