Give a Custom Achievement Award

Custom Achievement Awards are individual awards that can be given to any employee that sits underneath you in the Account Hierarchy. These can be handed out as many times as you like, and can include file attachments.

In this article, we'll show you how to give a Custom Award to a deserving employee. 


  1. In the Achievement Awards tool, click the Give Award button
  2. Select the Award you wish to give to your staff member
  3. Start typing the Name of the staff member you want to give the award to, and then select their name from the list
  4. Browse to find the File you wish to attach to the award (Refer to the tool tip icon for file type and size requirements)
  5. Enter any additional comments that you want to include with the award (These private comments are only emailed to the staff member, along with the file attachment)
  6. Click on Submit

Peer Notification

When giving a Custom Award, it's also possible to spread the word by using the Peer Notification email template. This feature will send an email to users of the exact same account group at the same location (Location or Area) to let them know that the recipient received an award. 

Administrators can modify the "Award Notification - Peer" email via System System Configuration System Email Templates

Tips & Tricks

Achievement awards are a great way to reward your staff for great work or for completing a particular training course, but why not take things one step further and include a certificate or even a gift voucher/e-voucher?

All you need to do is include the certificate or e-voucher as an attachment (See step 4 shown above) when you give out the award. 

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