Manuals and Files - Bulk Uploading Files

The Manuals and Files tool also allows administrators to upload multiple files at a time, using the Bulk Upload functionality. Files that are uploaded in this way must first be packaged into a ZIP file, and this resulting ZIP file will need to be 750 MB or less in size. Once that is done, the process of uploading this packaged files can be started by pressing the Bulk Upload button in the Manuals and Files tool.

The options found on this page are nearly identical to those found in the Uploading a File page, with the only differences being the lack of the Name and Active options. Files uploaded in this way will automatically be active upon upload.

Upon completion of the upload, you will be presented with a page that shows the success or failure of individual files involved in the bulk upload, as well as a text field where you can alter the name of the file (the filename is used by default).

If any changes are made to these file names, submit these changes by pressing the Save button at the bottom of the page.

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