Manuals and Files - Uploading a File

Files in the Manuals and Files tool act as a representation and container for files that you wish to upload and share from your computer or device. In addition to actually containing the file itself, these Files can be targeted like most other tools, so the confidentiality of the files can easily align with the hierarchy in place on your platform. Once a file has been uploaded in this tool, it will be accessible to those targeted users on your platform.


Name – The main reference given to this file, this is the text that will appear to yourself and other users when viewed in the Manuals and Files tool (as opposed to the name of the file that is being uploaded).

Folder – This dropdown allows you to select which folder this newly created file should exist inside of. Unlike folders, files cannot be created in the Main directory. If a folder was opened in the Manuals and Files tool when clicking the New File button, this setting will be defaulted to that folder.

Targeting selectors – Used to determine which users will be able to view this file. If a folder was opened in the Manuals and Files tool when clicking the New File button, and that folder has the Set default targeting template for all new files option turned on, then these targeting selectors will automatically mimic the targeting selectors of the folder. See Targeting for more information about targeting selectors.

File – File upload field for selecting the file you wish to upload from your device and share on your platform. This supports most of the commonly used multimedia and document file formats, up to 200 MB.

Active – Turn this option on to make this file available.

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