Manuals and Files - Creating a Folder

Folders are a way to organise and divide the files that are uploaded into your platform. They can either belong to another folder or the main directory, and are able to hold files and more folders. This article goes into detail about the options available during the folder creation process. To start this process, simply click the New Folder button in the Manuals and Files tool.


  • Name – The main reference given to the folder, this is the text that will appear to yourself and other users when viewed in the Manuals and Files tool.
  • Folder – This dropdown allows you to select which folder this newly created folder should exist inside of. To have it at the very top or root level, choose Main directory. If a folder was opened in the Manuals and Files tool when clicking the New Folder button, this setting will be defaulted to that folder.
  • Set default targeting template for all new files – If turned on, a group of targeting selectors will appear, allowing you to setup preset targeting selectors for any files you wish to add to it later on.

Note: This targeting only affects the default targeting that will appear when uploading new files into the folder. Editing this targeting for an existing folder with existing files will not change the targeting of those files.

Once you are satisfied with the folder options, click the Save button to create the folder.

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