Starting an Appraisal

For Managers and Employees, any Appraisals that require attention (including the availability of new Appraisals to do) can be found in the My Training tool, under the Fuel Gauge that the Appraisal has been placed under. Alternatively, if the My Tasks widget is available on the dashboard, any appraisals requiring your attention will also be listed there.

The first step of starting the Appraisal is opening it, by clicking on its name in either of these places. You will be taken to the Details Page, from which you can then start your Appraisal by clicking the Begin button.

Details Page

When opening an Appraisal, the first page you will be presented with is the Details page, which contains important information about the Appraisal. The contents of this page will vary depending on the stage that the Appraisal is in, the role you are playing in the Appraisal, and the type of Appraisal being done. See Appraisal Types for more information.

Example of an unattempted Self Appraisal

Example of a completed Two Way Appraisal

Specific Details

  • ID – A unique reference for this specific instance of the Appraisal. This is only available once an Appraisal has been begun.
  • Type –  The type of this Appraisal.
  • Appraisee – The name of the Appraisee.
  • Appraiser – The name of the Appraiser.
  • Status – The stage this Appraisal is at.
  • Posted Date – The date and time at which this Appraisal was submitted.
  • Number of Sections – As per the name, how many sections exist in this Appraisal. Divided into Appraisee Sections and Appraiser Sections for Two Way Appraisals.
  • Score – The score received as determined by the scoring settings in the questions, expressed as a percentage.

Page Buttons

  • Print – Returns a PDF formatted version of a finished Appraisal.
  • Modify – This button is available between finishing an Appraisal, and having it signed off by the opposite party. Allows user to make further changes to the Appraisal.
  • Begin – Use this button to start the Appraisal. This button is available to one of the two parties, before they have completed their sections (if applicable).

for: mgr, emp;

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