Signing Off Appraisals

In Self and Two Way Appraisals, the Appraiser will at some point be required to sign off on the Appraisal (see Appraisal Types for more information on workflows). To do this, you will need to open up the Appraisal (as described in Starting an Appraisal), at which point you will be able to view all the submitted answers to the survey. Once satisfied with the information on the page, click the Sign Off button.

Example Appraisal sign off page

  • Action Plan – text area provided to the Appraiser. This can be used to enter information about any further actions or recommendations for the Appraisee to take into account. This information will be displayed to the Appraisee during the acknowledgement stage.
  • Private Comments – text area that can be used to enter private information about the appraisal. It will not be accessible to anyone but the individual Appraisers themselves, and administrators of the platform.
  • Tick Box Confirmation – this tick box must be checked before the sign off is valid and accepted. 

Of these inputs, only the confirmation is required. Once this page has been filled out appropriately, click the Complete button to finish signing off the Appraisal.

At this point, the Appraisee may have to acknowledge the results of the Appraisal. See Acknowledging Appraisals for more information.

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