ACTIV Library

The ACTIV Library contains all the media used in your presentations, these include Images (.jpeg, .jpg, .png), Videos (.mp4), Audio (.mp3). In this article, we will review how to access the Library, and complete different functions like uploading, sharing or deleting files.

You can access the Library externally by clicking on the size of your ACTIV presentation:

or Internally by clicking on the Library button at:


Within the Library there are multiple filters to help you locate files faster, you can filter files by Media, Resources and Source:


Filters that can help with the localization of files according to their extension, files can be organized by:

  • Images – Any file with extension .jpeg, .jpg, .png added to the Library 
  • Videos – Any file with extension .mp4 added to the Library  
  • Audio – Any file with extension .mp3 added to the Library  


Filters that can organise files according to if they have been used on the presentation or not, files can be organized by:

  • All –  Show all files used or unused in the presentation
  • Used –  Show only content that has been placed in the presentation
  • Unused –  Show only content that has not been placed in the presentation


Filters that can organise files according to content used locally (only available within the current presentation) or shared (to be used on any presentation), files can be organized by:

  • All –  Show all files Local or Shared
  • Local –  Show content that can be used within the current presentation only
  • Shared –  Show content that can be used on any presentation 

Sharing a File

To share a file to all presentations it is necessary to upload the file locally on a presentation first, once the file is uploaded locally, you can select the file and the button Share will appear to make the file accessible to all presentations:

Unsharing a File

To stop sharing a file to multiple presentations simply select the file you will like to modify and click on the button Unshare:

Download and Delete

Additionally to organize the files within the library is also possible to delete or download any resource, this can be achieved by clicking on the file you will like to Download or Delete and then clicking on the correspondent button:

Tip: If there is content not used within one or multiple presentations it is recommended to delete unused content to keep the library as clean and organize as possible, having multiple files within a Library could affect the organization and the localization of files and also, in some instances, the performance of the Library and ACTIV editor. 


You can also search for files within the Library. Using parts of the exact name of the file can be enough to find the desired content or even parts of the name will provide results for all the files that contain the entered text as part of the file name. Additionally, it is possible to find files according to their extension by adding a dot before the extension for example .mp4 or .mp3.

Note: It can be useful to rename the file before uploading it to have a better organization of all the files within the Library, all the files are organized alphanumerically, meaning that if the first character is a symbol (*¡?) the file will appear first than numbers or letters. For more information please check this article: Alphanumeric Ordering on your Platform

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