Serving ACTIV to Users

Once you have finished creating your ACTIV and you are happy with how it looks, it's time serve it to your users. There are three main ways you can distribute your ACTIV presentation.

Before you can serve your ACTIV presentation, it needs to be made active first.

Attaching to E-Learning

One of the most popular ways to distribute an ACTIV presentation is by attaching it to an E-Learning module. If you haven't already, go ahead and create an E-Learning module, and set the Attach Content option to ACTIV Presentation. Once you do that you'll have another drop down below that, where you can choose the ACTIV presentation that you have created.

'Attach Content' option when creating or modifying an E-Learning module

This method of serving your ACTIV has the benefit of being followed by a quiz, where you can test the user's knowledge on the contents of the ACTIV. Like other E-Learning modules, this would count toward their fuel gauge completion, making users accountable for viewing the ACTIV.

Attaching to Notices

When you create a Notice, you can attach a variety of different content, including an ACTIV presentation. To do this, set the Attach Content option to Yes, then ACTIV Library, and select your ACTIV presentation.

When you serve your ACTIV in this way, the user that receives the Notice will see a link at the bottom of the Notice. Clicking it will make the ACTIV appear in a new window.

ACTIV Widgets

If you wish to make the presentation accessible right from a user's dashboard, then you can do so by creating an ACTIV Widget. You can do this by going to System → System Configuration → DashboardNew Widget

When you choose the ACTIV as the type of the widget, you'll have a number of options. The first two sections have fields that are the same as when creating other widget types. The third section has details for the ACTIV widget itself, where you can choose the image that will appear in the widget on the dashboard, and the ACTIV you've created.

Once it has been setup and you have configured whose dashboard it will appear on and where, those targeted users will see a new widget on their dashboard, with the image you've chosen. When they click that image, the ACTIV will appear in a new window, similar to ACTIVs attached to Notices.

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