By default, all manager account group types have access to the Recruitment tool. However, you have the ability to limit all or some of their higher-level Recruitment tool access via the Permissions settings.

Note: Administrator account groups have full access, which cannot be limited from these settings.

To view/edit the Permissions, go to: (Country) → Human Resources → Recruitment → Settings, then click on the Permissions button.

Example of Permissions form


  • View Current Positions – Provides access to the positions page.
  • Screen Applicants – Provides access to progress applicants.
  • Create Position – Provides access to create positions.

Note: The 'Create Position' option also affects the ability to see particular position templates in the position search drop-down, as well as use them when creating job ads. See Position Templates for more information.

Once this information has been updated accordingly, press the Save button to submit the form.

for: adm,mgr;

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