Copying a Language

This article provides information on the process of copying languages on your platform. This is particularly useful for when you want to make phrase changes that apply to certain countries, locations and/or accounts - without changing the (default) language that's already in use!

Copy Language

1. Go to System → Languages

2. Click on the 'copy' icon next to the language name

3. In the prompt that appears, click on the OK button

4. Click on the 'edit' icon next to the new language you created

Note: The new language (copy) will contain the name of the language you copied, as well as be appended by a number. For example, if you copied a language called; English", the name of the copy will be; "copy of English 1".

5. In the Language field, enter a new (relevant) name

6. In the Active field, tick the checkbox

7. Click on the Update button

Once you have created a copy of a language, you can update the phrases as per your requirement. For more information, you can refer to the Updating a Phrase article.

Important: New languages (copied or otherwise) are not in use by default. You must assign them to a country, location and/or account manually. For more information, you can refer to the Assigning a Language article.

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